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            1. 安邸AD



              AD China, the authoritative international home and lifestyle magazine, with Design Shanghai to proudly present the Emerging Chinese Designer Platform. The Platform is a key driver in the development of China's design power and features works by 10 of China's most influential emerging designers every under the different themes.

              New China Poetry

              AD China, the authoritative international home and lifestyle magazine, will once again partner with Design Shanghai 2018 to proudly present the Emerging Chinese Designer Platform.

              HEI is an experience tea set made of Chinese Yixing clay, which is inspired by ancient Chinese tea ceremony. It combines the merits of traditional tea ceremony and the convenience of using a tea bag. A Cup, a thermometer, a teapot, three simple pieces can provide an experience that traditional tea ceremony could.

              DEFRONT has always taken the experience design as the starting point, with the home product as the entry, reconstructing the relationship between people and objects, and interpreting the ‘digitization’ ‘intelligent’ life in the most intuitive way. LUMIA tries to use the daily object -- ‘lamp’, to re-understand the relationship between space and objects in the younger generation.

              • 宋玥昀

                Song Yueyun

                Yueyun Song is a designer and lecturer at Massey University in Wellington, Aotearoa, New Zealand.

              • 郭立军

                Guo Lijun

                Lijun Guo graduated from the China Academy of Art.In 2016 Guo founded his design brand We Yong Design.

              • 李天

                Li Tian

                Jihe Studio was established by Chinese designer Tony Lee, a post-90s emerging designer.

              • 陆柳青

                Lu Liuqing

                Liuqing Lu graduated from the Central Academy of Fine Arts in 2017 and now specializes in home product designs.

              • 挑时工作室

                TELLS Studio

                TELLS Studio was founded by independent designers Xinyu Dang and Jie He in 2015.The studio focuses on multi-textural ...

              • 黑光

                Black Light

                Black Light is the home design brand of Beijjing Qingyi Trading Co.Ltd,founded by designer Wang Zhen in 2013 in Beijing.

              • 尤皿设计

                Umin Design

                In 2015, Umin Design was founded in Hangzhou.

              • 衍物

                Yen Object

                Established in 2015,YEN OBJECT was founded by product architect lan Yen and curator Josie Wang. In the same year they...

              • 谭志鹏

                Tan Zhipeng

                A graduate from the China Academy of Art, Zhipeng Tan-who lives in Shanghai and Chongqing-is a designer who focuses o...

              Tord Boontje | 托德·布歇尔

              Educated at the Eindhoven Design Academy and the Royal College of Art in London, Tord Boontje- originally from the Netherlands- established Studio Tord Boontje in 1996.

              Xu Wang | 王旭

              Xu Wang is an editorial director of AD China magazine. She was the first generation of fashion editor in China since 1993. After launching Elle Decoration China in 2004, Wang went on to successfully establish AD China in 2011.

              Jeff Dayu Shi | 石大宇

              2014 Chinese Culture Figure,Well-known Designer,Founder and Creative Director of Dragonfly Gallery Taipei and Dragonfly Design Center Beijing.

              Ross Urwin | 罗斯·吾恩

              Known as a design maverick in the lifestyle industry, Urwin has influenced many of today’s most successful luxury retailers including Habitat, Liberty and Lane Crawford, having led the way in the market with his truly visionary approach to retail, design and media.

              Give Me Five!“设计上?!蔽逯苣甏蠹叶荚卩耸裁??


              安邸AD VIP